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Commerce & Institutes Landscape Architecture

Design Public Squares & Plazas

A plaza can become a business or community area for residents and visitors alike. Arnold Associates has the experience and abilities to help define program and user needs and design a plaza or public square meeting those needs.

Our Princeton, NJ-based landscape architects work with clients to design plazas and public squares suiting the needs of future visitors. We've created plazas in New York City that are now famous tourist destinations. We also specialize in urban tree planting details providing sustainable, long-lived trees.

Talk to us about your ideas today. 609-924-4047



The Benefits of Public Spaces & Mercantile Landscape Architecture

Adding a plaza or public square to the design of your property can come with a variety of benefits. Take a look at a few of them below:

  • The space becomes a tourist attraction.

  • Create an identity for community and cultural connection.

  • Integrate circulation for commerce and passive activities.

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